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Less bureaucracy, better services for citizens and companies
Aware of the importance of developing a competitive economy, the 17th Portuguese Constitutional Government recognized, in its Programme for the field of Justice, that "citizens and companies cannot be burdened with bureaucratic requirements which add nothing to the quality of the service". In keeping with the guidelines set out in its Programme, the Government, acting through the Ministry of Justice, has striven to create innovative services which help to improve the quality of life of citizens whilst at the same time developing a better business environment.

This reform is therefore undoubtedly a very significant step towards creating a more competitive economy in Portugal, capable of attracting increased investment.

The Cutting Red Tape website is a repository of information for all the measures taken since 2005 to reduce bureaucracy in the Justice area. In the next pages several measures are explained, giving an overview of all the necessary steps required to procede with this reform, as well as of the results obtained until now.
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